Tan-Tan Mazesoba

Tan-Tan Mazesoba is a unique fusion creation that combines the comforting flavors of ramen with the spicy and aromatic elements of Sichuan-style cuisine. The sauce is typically a combination of spicy chili oil, soy sauce, white miso paste, sesame paste, and various seasonings. This flavorful blend creates a bold and complex taste profile that ignites the taste buds with a harmonious balance of heat, umami, and richness. Toppings include chilli flakes, deep fried garlic and onion ground pork. It is also common to add minced garlic, chopped scallions, bean sprouts, and often a soft-boiled egg. Diners can adjust the level of spiciness by adding additional chili oil or condiments according to your own preference. Some variations may include extra toppings such as bamboo shoots, bok choy, or even a dollop of chili bean paste to elevate the flavor profile even further!

This meal kit includes a pack of Tan-tan sauce, toppings, Japanese spicy rice vinegar and 1 serving of Noodles.


With a slightly thicker and chewier profile, each strand clings to the delectable sauce, allowing it to absorb the multitude of flavors with every bite. The noodles provide a satisfying resistance as you savor their springy and velvety texture, creating a harmonious dance of sensations in your mouth.


The combination of white miso, sesame paste, vegan soy sauce, and mushroom seasonings creates a complex and well-rounded flavor profile in Tan-tan sauce. White miso, a fermented soybean paste, brings a delicate sweetness and depth of flavor to the sauce. The addition of sesame paste adds a rich and nutty undertone that harmonizes beautifully with the other ingredients. Vegan soy sauce lends a savory and umami-rich quality, while mushroom seasonings contribute a delightful earthiness and enhance the overall taste experience!


With dried chili flakes, fried garlic, toasted onions as toppings, and a packet of vinegar to customize the sweet and sourness according to your preferences. These toppings and seasonings add different textures, flavors, and colors to the dish, creating a visually appealing and satisfying eating experience!

Loosen the noodles and add to 2L of boiling water.
Cook for 4 minutes, strain and oil.

Heat the sauce, pour over cooked noodles.
Add garnish pack and/or Japanese rice vinegar.

Add your favourite vegetables or protein to make it a meal!